4 Tips and Tricks for PDR and Car Accidents

Making sure our customers are well protected and informed is important to us as a team. Choosing JNG Auto Reconditioning means choosing a team of experts ready to perform at the top level just for you. The next time a small bump in the road leaves your car needing some repair, call our team! Let us take the stress out of the equation with our tried and trusted processes.


Our In-House PDR System

JNG Auto Reconditioning of Salt Lake City offers a custom in-house system that allows them to fix dings and dents. If your dent falls into a few simple requirements, we can fix it. The dent cannot have sharp edges or torn metal, no broken or scratched paint inside, and the area cannot have had previous work done. Call us today and let's see if our system fits the job.


The Advantages of PDR

The number one advantage to investing in PDR is that the process costs less than traditional bodywork. PDR is also a much faster process, taking just a few hours from start to finish. You can also say goodbye to the struggle of color matching. Affordable, quick and stress-free service is a guarantee.


Scratches Big or Small

Here at JNG Auto Reconditioning, we are proud of our process in removing and repairing scratches big and small. We wash, decontaminate, buff, and retouch all in one, returning your car in the condition you paid for and deserve. Small accidents and surface damage no longer have to be such a big obstacle to get around. We provide our customers with the best backup plan for life’s unpredictable moments.


Ceramic Coating Vs. Wax

Who knew that the ceramic coating of your car had a notable impact on the protection of it from external damage with the difference between ceramic and wax being that the ceramic coat will last much longer than the wax. We pride ourselves in offering better protection against scratches and other possible surface damage than our competitors. With ceramic coating, we protect our customers from accidental damage.

A fender bender doesn't have to break the bank to fix. With JNG Auto Reconditioning of Salt Lake City, we provide you with the knowledge and the manpower to get your car repaired and better than new without the headaches. Call us today to schedule an appointment!