What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

Whether it's from another car, weather, or "the world giving you a bad day," car dents are never fun for any vehicle owner. The worst part is that people tend to drive a vehicle they like in terms of color, looks, and performance. From used to brand new, JNG Auto Reconditioning is your source for paintless dent repair in Salt Lake City, Utah. Keep reading to discover what paintless dent removal is and why it's as good as it sounds. To see our latest projects and repairs yourself, check out our gallery today!

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Damage Repairing Capabilities

Not only does paintless dent removal get the job done as advertised, but it does so with highly specialized tools to work around, not damaging the look of any vehicle to get it back on the road looking as great as it did before. JNG Auto Reconditioning understands every paint job style that rolls into our garage, allowing us to focus on the dent and roll out the vehicle as it's supposed to look.

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Lasting Time Frame

The work might seem quick, but don't let our optimized practice dissuade you from knowing that our dent removal service is made to last.

Our paintless dent removal process allows us to fix dings and dents if:

  • The dent does not have sharp edges or torn metal

  • The paint inside is not broken or scratched

  • The dented area has not had previous bodywork done

The appointment will go by quickly with a competitive, affordable rate to make your vehicle look great again.

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Differences Compared to Other Dent Removals

Our technicians know how to work with each paint job to respect each uniquely designed vehicle as we carefully massage the dents back into their original shape. We also offer additional consultations for services that may suit your situation to your liking, that range from scratch removal and paint touch-ups.

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Other Benefits

Our team takes the extra steps of precaution for dent removal because we know of the common blunders found by other automotive companies that rush their work for the next client in line. Paintless dent repair from JNG Auto Reconditioning also means quality control for maintaining the image you want your vehicle to be in as you leave the garage. Looks matter, and your dent repair will coincide with that philosophy.

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A fender bender doesn't have to break the bank. With JNG Auto Reconditioning of Salt Lake City, we provide the perfect set of skills to alleviate your vehicle and stress levels with careful and competent repair work. Call us today to schedule an appointment!